Our Team, our Vision,Our Values

Client satisfaction and value creation

02. Our Approach

Our Approach

We aim to put the knowledge and experience accumulated over the last 20 years at your service and are able to assist you at each stage of development and management of your asset.

We strive to develop long lasting relationships with our clients, putting dedicated and reliable teams in charge of your satisfaction.

Our objective is to anticipate your needs and implement the most appropriate solutions.

PM Castors Values

Our aim is to deliver the qualitative level of service each client deserves.

We aim to be a reliable partner you can count on to fulfil your needs consistently. We are constantly implementing new ways of improving transparency and accountability.

We also view things from the customers’ standpoint and provide the level of service we would expect if we were in your shoes. Be assured that what you say is taken into account.

We invest in our teams. All our employees are regularly trained and fully comply with up-to-date industry standards.

We practice teamwork and seamless collaboration to achieve our common goal, in our client’s best interest.

Being part of a family business, we understand the importance of preserving and adding value in the long run.

Ethics and social responsibility

We make conscious efforts in our everyday choices and aim to have a measurable positive environmental impact. We maintain amongst the most efficient energy buildings in the Canton.

  • We strive for client satisfaction and value creation
  • We work and perform with excellence
  • We invest, train and motivate people
  • We trust, and share know-how
  • We promote and develop talent
  • We coordinate, assess, and plan ahead
  • We execute and deliver with a strategy
  • We are our own customer
  • We tailor, trust and test solutions