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03. Responsibility

Eco-responsibility & sustainability

Sustainability and preserving of our environment are among our priorities. We are committed to meeting strict environmental standards.

We use 100% ecological products in all our activities and services. We also highly recommend that our clients adopt an environmental-friendly mindset.

By way of example, in the case of waste management, we have set up stringent internal policies and procedures enabling us to measure our impact. As a result, we comply with advanced municipal, cantonal and federal environmental requirements.

Quality and Control

We continuously apply our solutions and services to meet the highest industry standards; along with specific clients’ requirements and SLAs (service level agreement).

Quality control activities are regularly carried out on all our clients’ sites, supported by the needed metrics and KPIs (key performance indicators). We work in accordance with “open book quality controls” providing our customers with full transparency on results.

Quality control reports and results are regularly assessed for constant improvement.

Security & safety at work

Property Management Castors SA is certified, adheres to and implements the CFST 6508 directive, which is a Swiss MSST solution.

We review every single staff member through concrete and specific trainings, through external and internal control, risk assessments in terms of operational risk, health protection and accident prevention.

All our employees are required to use personal protective equipment (PPE) every time it is recommended and justified: in order to prevent any type of injury, or health issue. Our industry’s activities as well as the operational environment (eg. internal or external work, hazards, weather conditions, noise, dust, harmful substances and operating fields,…) are constantly screened.

All our employees are properly instructed and trained, to anticipate and prevent any problems.