Energy monitoring & efficiency

Your eco-friendly partner today, for energy savings for tomorrow.

The climate challenges of the 21st century prompted the industry to build smarter buildings across the globe. The daily operation of such structures implies an optimization of overall energy consumption.

PMC SA has acquired efficient technological innovation and reunited seasoned experts to meet the ecological challenges we face today along with increasing administrative demands (official temperature ratios, laws relative to “large consumers”, internal energy audit, etc...).

Here is a summary of the potential challenges we can assist you with:

  • Reduction of energy consumption to comply with federal and cantonal regulations
  • Reduction of energy bills
  • Automation of energy consumption
  • Energy management

Our team composed of energy experts will offer you guidance with:

  • Energy meters management
  • Advice on special energy providers fulfilling your unique requirements
  • Energy monitoring with a dedicated portal view and graphic analysis of energy consumption, (with client dashboard, reporting, alarms, energy statements and so on...)

Consulting services for energy assessment and audit

Mastery of fundamentals
Insulation, double paned-glass window

Optimization through atomization and regulation
Comfort management, installation management, speed variation, lighting control

Monitoring, orientation, improvement
Control, data analysis, recommendations, energy performance analysis software (eSight)

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